The Village of New Paltz Environmental Policy Board (EPB) advises the Village Board on environmental issues and advocates for the rights of nature. The EPB meets on the 4th Tuesday of every month at 7:30 PM.

Current Members:

  • Marnette Saz, Chair
  • Rachel Lagodka
  • Noah Lynch
  • Jack Murphy
  • Gregston Van Pukeston
  • Board Liasion: Don Kerr
  • Secretary: Deputy Clerk


 Functions of the EPB:

  • Research and Propose policies that will:
    • Prevent, minimize, remediate or mitigate, continuing or future harm to the environment
    • Propose measures to remediate undo past harm to the environment
  • Educate Village Residents about the causes and prevention of environmental problems; what can be done individually and collectively to reverse environmental damage.
  • Maintain an open space inventory and open space map as defined in the New York State General Municipal Law
  • Coordinate efforts of environmentally-based groups, clubs, government agencies to achieve positive environmental outcomes


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