Water advisory update #5:

Residents are still advised to not use the tap water for drinking, cooking, or making ice. Bathing, showering, washing your dishes or clothes is OK according to county officials.

We already have a 6,000 gallon tanker at village hall, it is self serve so people need to bring containers. There are water bottles for pick up at village hall, 5 bottles are available per person. Water bottles will be available till 10:30pm at village hall and we will reopen tomorrow at 8am, and the tanker will be available 24 hours.

There is a “water buffalo” with 500 gallons of water at Meadowbrook apartments near unit 512. Residents need to bring containers for filling and it will be available 24 hours. Shortly we will have another “water buffalo” at the Huguenot Park apartment complex (45 N. Chestnut Street).

We are also working on deploying at least one more location in the village and we will provide info about that tomorrow.

There is already a tanker and palettes of water bottles and jugs at SUNY NP. Students should check their campus email for more information.

2/10/2020 Water Advisory Update #5