For Immediate Release: 2/11/2020



State Officials Working with Ulster County and the Village of New Paltz to Investigate the Cause and Take Appropriate Action

Governor Cuomo today announced he deployed over 40,000 gallons of fresh water to support residents and students in New Paltz following a do not drink advisory from the New York State Department of Health and Ulster County Department of Health. The precautionary advisory follows reports of an unusual odor in the Village’s drinking water.

“Our first priority is always to protect the health and safety of New Yorkers and we stand with New Paltz every step of the way to provide immediate support during this difficult situation,” Governor Cuomo said. “I have directed my administration to deliver clean drinking water to local residents and students, and we will continue to work closely with local officials and provide additional resources as needed.”

After receiving notification of the reports, state and local officials immediately began to investigate the cause and make both bottled and potable water available to impacted residents until further notice. DOH, DEC and DHSES staff are on site at the command center actively monitoring the situation. In addition to sampling conducted by the Village, DOH is collecting samples for a variety of analysis based upon the types of odors. DOH is working with local officials to implement a plan to effectively and safely lift the do not drink advisory.

Earlier today, the Village’s water treatment plant operator discovered a sheen on one of the Village’s reservoirs and promptly reported it to the Department of Environmental Conservation. DEC immediately responded to the scene and is currently investigating. As a precaution, absorbent booms and pads have been placed in the reservoir and DEC Spill Responders will continue to remain on site to ensure public health and the environment are protected. More information will be provided once available.

SUNY New Paltz

  • SUNY New Paltz cancelled all classes effective 3:30pm today out of an abundance of caution and directed resident students to leave campus by noon tomorrow. International students will remain on campus.
  • Two 6700 gallon water tankers on site
  • One 500 gallon water buffalo on site
  • 24 pallets of bottled water on site
  • 12 pallets of water to be delivered tomorrow

New Paltz Central School District (K-12)

  • Schools are scheduled to be open Wednesday and Thursday this week
  • Schools are scheduled to be closed on Friday and Monday for the holiday weekend
  • Two days of water have been provided to New Paltz schools:
  • Five pallets to New Paltz High School
  • Three pallets to New Paltz Middle School
  • Three pallets to Duzine Elementary School
  • A second elementary school is on well water

Village of New Paltz

  • One 6700 gallon water tanker on site
  • Three 500 gallon water buffaloes on site
  • 25 pallets of bottled water being distributed
  • Two light towers for use on water tanks
  • Water distribution for the general public is 8 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Water refills

  • DEC contractor will be conducting daily checks of water levels of all water buffalos and filling as appropriate to ensure continued water supplies for all residents


2/12/2020 Water Advisory Update #9