Water advisory update #12, Thursday 2/13 5:20pm:

From the New Paltz Central School District: “This morning during our snow plowing of the Duzine and Lenape parking lots, a leaking hydraulic hose on the District’s plow truck resulted in 7.3 gallons of fluid spill. Sheen reports at 8:40 AM prompted a phone call to our environmental vendor. Between 9:20 – 10:15 AM, isolation booms were installed around catch basins and absorbent material was used to address surface runoff and discharges. The NY Department of Environmental Conservation was contacted and a spill number was issued.Our facilities staff continues to monitor the containment booms at both sites. *It is important to stress that this spill is wholly unrelated to the Village Water Advisory.*”


We do not have any other new information at this time. We continue to await test results and will post updates as information becomes available.


Residents are still advised not to use the New Paltz municipal tap water for drinking, cooking, or making ice. According to state and county officials, given the available information bathing, showering, washing your dishes or clothes is deemed okay at this time.

As stated yesterday, initial testing results have come back negative for volatile organic compounds (VOCs), encouraging news in this process. Further testing is being evaluated and undertaken today, the final results of which will determine next steps.

Reservoir #4 continues to be bypassed and New Paltz municipal drinking water users are only receiving water derived from either the upland reservoirs #1-3 or NYC’s Catskill aqueduct.

The water system has been strategically purged of approximately 500,000 gallons of water and testing continues across the water system and at the water treatment plant property.

We are working closely with county and state officials to develop and implement the plans for flushing and remediating the system and will continue to post updates and timelines as information becomes available.


During the installation of our water plant’s new filtration system, we believe a third-party contractor accidentally damaged the fuel line to our treatment plant’s oil furnace creating a slow seepage leak into the ground approximately 500 feet from our reservoir #4 on the Mountain Rest Road water treatment plant property. We believe oil began to leak from the damaged line once heat was turned on this winter and oil seeped through the ground to the reservoir. The tanks and lines have been removed from the site.

On Sunday, in order to identify potential sources of the problem reservoir #4 was bypassed and isolated. Our system shifted to using upland reservoirs 1 through 3. As of Wednesday we changed to exclusively use NYC DEP’s Catskill Aqueduct water. We can now utilize NYC water and/or reservoirs 1-3 as needed

As per DOH regulations, our community’s water is tested for volatile organic compounds (VOCs) annually. Heating oil contains hazardous VOCs. Testing for VOCs last occurred on March 20, 2019 and was scheduled to be tested again next month.

New Paltz has worked closely with NYS and Ulster County to return water service to our residents, businesses, and schools. Our community is incredibly grateful to Governor Andrew Cuomo, and the State and County officials who have exhibited exemplary responsiveness and support.


Free potable water will continue to remain available until further notice at village hall and at the Meadowbrook, Huguenot Park, and Town and County apartment complexes.

At village hall: bring food-grade containers to fill from a 6,000 gallon tanker at village hall (available 24 hours), and/or pickup of 5 water bottles per person or one case per household. Water bottle pickup is available until 9pm this evening.

At Meadowbrook apartment complex: there is a “water buffalo” with 500 gallons of water at near unit 512. Residents need to bring food-grade containers for filling and it will be available 24 hours a day.

At Huguenot Park apartment complex (45 N. Chestnut Street): there is a “water buffalo” with 500 gallons of water, enter at Front Street and drive to the back of the lot. Residents need to bring food-grade containers for filling and it will be available 24 hours a day.

At Town & Country apartment complex: there is a “water buffalo” with 500 gallons of water, it is in the center of the condo’s upper parking lots near the rail trail. If you enter at Front Street drive into the complex and at approximately 600 feet the tank is on the right by the gate. You can also enter from Huguenot Street: go up the hill and turn left and drive 200 feet. Tank will be on your left by the gate. Residents need to bring containers for filling and it will be available 24 hours a day.

Big thanks to the DPW staff and Red Cross for their ongoing dedication and help during this time!


Reminder! Plastic water bottles are recyclable and redeemable. We will take water bottles back at our village hall DPW location or you can get your 5 cents per bottle at any plastic bottle redemption center.


New Paltz Central School District: all schools are on usual schedule. More information can be found at www.newpaltz.k12.ny.us and parents are encouraged to check their emails for more information and any updates.

SUNY New Paltz: All classes have been cancelled through Feb. 15.. More information can be found at www.newpaltz.edu and students are encouraged to check their emails for more information and any updates.


These alerts are being made available on our website and social media and to media outlets throughout the region. You can also look for Twitter updates from the Town of New Paltz Police Department. Please pass this information on to your neighbors or any households you think might not have access to this information.


The New Paltz municipal water system includes users in the village, SUNY NP, and in town water districts. People can enter their address here to find their water source: https://water.ny.gov/

2/13/2020 Water Advisory Update #12