Please be advised that Kenneth Ronk, Jr., Chairman of the Ulster County Legislature, has scheduled a Special Informational Meeting for Tuesday, March 8, 2016 at 6:00 PM in the Legislative Chambers, 6th Floor, Ulster County Office Building, 244 Fair Street, Kingston, New York.

The purpose of the Special Informational Meeting will be for Deputy County Executive Bob Sudlow to address the Legislature regarding reimbursement to various municipalities for flood mitigation work performed in the wake of Hurricane Irene. Please note the schedule of events for the day includes:

5:00 PM                Ways and Means Committee

Karen L. Binder Library, 6th Floor, COB

6:00 PM                Special Informational Meeting                        

Legislative Chambers, 6th Floor

*Immediately Following the Special Informational Meeting

Caucus: Republicans – Surrogates Court, 3rd Floor, COB;            

Democrats – Karen L. Binder Library, 6th Floor;

2016-03-08 Special Meeting of the Ulster County Legislature