ZBA Agenda

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The regularly scheduled meeting of the Village of New Paltz Zoning Board of Appeals will be held Tuesday, March 12, at 7pm, at Village Hall, 25 Plattekill Avenue. Use the entrance adjacent to the former fire department garage bays.  Kindly note that the agenda is subject to change. Contact Autumn if you have questions planningzoning@villageofnewpaltz.org

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Comments about any application may be sent to: comments@villageofnewpaltz.org

Public Hearings

At the Tuesday, March 12 ZBA meeting, public hearings will open for the following applications:

  1. ZB24-01: 54 and 60 Huguenot Street; area variance for lot line revision
  2. ZB24-02: 181 Huguenot Street; appeal of an interpretation by a Building Inspector.
3/12 Zoning Board of Appeals Draft Agenda