Please see below the October 6th communication from the NYC Environmental Protection Bureau of Water Supply (DEP). Bottom line for New Paltz:

• We will see periods of 0 flow from the Ashokan Reservoir over the next 14 days, but not for the entire 14 days.
• The Village of New Paltz water system is prepared for the 0 flow event for roughly 18-24 hours on the front end and a second time on back end of the 14 days, plus some short low flow periods in the middle (8 hours or so a few times).
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Sent: Wednesday, October 05, 2016 4:53 PM
Subject: Catskill Shutdown Notification

Good day all,

DEP has scheduled a series of shut-down operations for the Catskill Aqueduct between Ashokan and Kensico Reservoirs. These shut-downs are to facilitate inspections and to test new stop-shutters. We thank you very much in advance for your cooperation and patience during this time period. Note that the shut-downs are anticipated to be 32 hours or less in duration. The shut-downs are scheduled to occur between Sunday, October 9th through and including Saturday, October 22nd.

Note that all times noted below are at Ashokan Headworks and communities will see flow changes depending on travel time (lag time).

• Flow will be reduced to zero at 12:00 on Sunday, October 9th at Ashokan. Stop-shutters will be installed while flow is at zero.

• Starting at 16:00 on Monday, October 10th (Columbus Day) flow at Ashokan will gradually increase and reach 200 MGD at approximately 20:00.

• On Wednesday, October 12th starting at 22:00 the flow will be decreased from 250 MGD to zero flow at approximately 23:59.

• At 07:15 on Thursday, October 13th the flow will be increased to 50 MGD.

• At 07:00 on Friday, October 14th the flow will again be decreased to zero.

• From 12:15 to 16:15 on Friday, October 14th flow will gradually increase from zero to 250 MGD.

• Flow will remain at 250 MGD Saturday and Sunday, October 15th-16th.

• Starting at 22:00 on Monday, October 17th flow will be decreased to zero flow at 23:59.

• Aqueduct inspection will continue at 07:00 on Tuesday, October 18th under the zero flow condition. At 07:15 flow is scheduled to be increased to 25 MGD.

• On Thursday, October 20th flow will be decreased to zero at 23:59.

• On Friday, October 21st at 07:00 the inspection period will conclude. Stop-shutters will be removed and at approximately 17:00 flow will resume at the Ashokan Headworks and be observed at community supply points approximately 18-24 hours thereafter.

Announcement from the NYC Environmental Protection Bureau of Water Supply (DEP)
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