Third Monday of every month at 7 pm at the Community Center

Functions & Responsibilities

The goals of the Climate Smart Communities program are to 1) Reduce greenhouse gas emission; 2) Prepare for the impact of climate change; 3) Save taxpayer money by

    • Building a climate-smart community.
    • Inventorying emissions, set goals, and plan for climate action.
    • Decreasing energy use.
    • Shifting to clean, renewable energy.
    • Using climate-smart materials management.
    • Implementing climate-smart land use.
    • Enhancing community resilience to climate change.
    • Supporting a green innovation economy.
    • Informing and inspiring the public.
    • Engaging in an evolving process of climate action.

Current Members

      • Amanda Gotto – Climate Smart Project Manager
      • Janelle Peotter – Climate Smart Coordinator
      • Joe Bergstein
      • Lynn Cherry
      • Liz Elkin
      • Orelle Feher
      • Jim Gordon
      • Hope Nitza
      • Jim O’Dowd
      • Wendy Rudder
      • Mark Varian

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Agendas & Minutes

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Resources & Reports

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Climate Smart Resiliency Planning with Cornell Cooperative 

Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment

Flood Mapping Power Point