In New Paltz we have had a total of 86 confirmed COVID-19 cases; currently we have 3 active cases, and sadly we have lost 4 of our community members to the coronavirus. Currently Ulster County has 143 active cases. The countywide total to date is 1833, sadly with 86 fatalities. On July 1, Ulster County reported 119 active cases. The July 3 uptick is the first significant increase in the number of active cases countywide since mid-May.

According to the Kingston Freeman: “Reached by phone Friday, Ryan said the resurgence appears to have originated at graduation parties and among migrant workers at an apple orchard in southeastern Ulster, at a manufacturing facility in the “Kingston area” and among inmates at two state prison facilities in southern Ulster.”

Ryan called the test results, which were reported online Friday on the Ulster County COVID-19 Dashboard “disheartening,” but said he believes contact tracing is working.

“This is real. This is a very important reminder that COVID is not gone,” Ryan said. “It was a likely scenario as we started to reopen that we’d see some resurgence and I think we’re catching this early enough that we’re hopeful we can contain things.”

COVID-19 Reminder