Please feel free to share this information with friends, family, or on social media so we can make sure to reach more people.  All people over 16 are eligible for these appointments.  Please register for an appointment with the links provided below.

Best Buy Location Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine First Dose 5.6.21 – 18 and over are eligible

Best Buy Location Johnson and Johnson (Janssen) Vaccine Single Dose 5.6.21 – 18 and over are eligible

Best Buy Location Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine First Dose 5.6.21 – 16 and over are eligible

Please keep in mind that for the Moderna vaccine your 2nd dose appointment will come 28 days after your 1st dose. Pfizer 2nd doses are 21 days after your 1st dose.  Please only register for a vaccine if you can make both appointments.

The Johnson and Johnson is a single dose with no follow up appointment.

The link works best with the Google Chrome browser. On the final page of the registration, it will say “print this page” or “done” and will confirm the appointment is done. Print out your registration ticket and bring that, an ID, and proof of eligibility. If you register on a smartphone, select the print page, and take a screenshot of the registration ticket, and you do not need to print it out.

Covid Vaccine Appointments Available 5/6/21