2021 Meeting and Submission Schedule

The Planning Board meets twice a month (on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month) unless there is no current agenda. To watch live stream meetings, and comment in real time via the YouTube chat function, visit the Village YouTube Channel.

Submission Deadlines:

  • New Applications: Submitted 3 weeks before meeting dates (see schedule).
  • Ongoing Applications: New information submitted by 10 AM the Monday following a meeting or TBD between applicant and Chair/Secretary.
  • Public Comments: Submitted by noon on the Monday before an upcoming meeting for inclusion in that meeting.

Rules for Public Comment at Remote Meetings:

Beginning Tuesday, September 21, 2021, all Planning Board meetings will be remote until further notice. Meetings will be available via Zoom and YouTube. If you are intending to speak at a meeting please attend via Zoom, otherwise you can watch a livestream on YouTube, which will not have the chat function enabled.

Public Comment is opened at the beginning of the meeting for 10-15 minutes, during which time the public is invited to speak on any application before the Planning Board regardless of whether or not a Public Hearing has been scheduled. Zoom details for meetings will be included on the Planning Board Agendas which are largely posted the week before scheduled meetings. If you are a member of the Public looking to speak, you will be prompted by the Waiting Room to provide your name, address, and whether you are in attendance to speak for Public Comment or for a Public Hearing in the chat function so that the Planning and Zoning Clerk will be able to call your name once the Public Comment/Public Hearing period is opened. Please try and keep your comments to 2-3 minutes so that all in attendance can speak. As always, it is very much recommended that comments are also submitted in writing prior to the meeting or after. If you have any questions, please e-mail

Functions & Responsibilities

The Village of New Paltz Planning Board reviews land use issues that pertain to the Code of the Village of New Paltz including proposed Site Plan Reviews, Special Use Permits, and Subdivisions as well as general planning and zoning throughout the Village.

Current Members

  • John Litton, Chair (August 2020 – June 2023)
  • Denis McGee (June 2017 – June 2022)
  • Rachel Lagodka ( September 2020 – June 2021)
  • VACANT (June 2020 – June 2025)
  • Zach Bialecki (July 2020 – June 2024)
  • Thomas Petersen, Alternate (October 2020 – June 2022)
  • VACANT, Alternate

Send general comments or inquiries to the Planning and Zoning Secretary, Alana Sawchuk.

Telephone: (845) 255-3055

Agendas, Minutes & Applications

2021 Planning Board Applications

2020 Planning Board Applications

2019 Planning Board Applications

Recorded Planning Board Meetings


2020-07-07 PB Approved Minutes
2020-07-07 PB Approved Minutes
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