Remote Meetings

Governor Hochul did not renew the state of emergency related to COVID-19, which has now expired as of 12:00 a.m. today. With it expires the permission to have board members attend meetings remotely, except in cases of emergency, and only if pre-authorized by the legislative body.

The first two sections from Local Law 1 of 2022, passed at the June 6, 2022 Village Board meeting, allowing for videoconferencing:

    1. Members of the public body shall be physically present at any meeting of such public body unless such member is unable to be physically present at any such meeting location due to extraordinary circumstances due to
      1. disability;
      2. illness;
      3. caregiving responsibilities;
      4. any other significant or unexpected factor or event which precludes a member’s physical attendance at such meeting;

The above conditions are grounds for remote participation by board members. Board members who wish to meet remotely must give notice in advance of a public meeting. 

    1. A public body may, in its discretion, use videoconferencing to conduct its meetings, provided that a minimum number of members are present to fulfill the public body’s quorum requirement in the same physical location or locations where the public can attend, and all other requirements set forth hereafter have been met;

Videoconferencing may be used, provided that a minimum number of members attend the public meeting in-person. The full text of the local law authorizing videoconferencing may be found here.

Locations for Village public meetings will be posted.  Please contact the Clerk or the Mayor’s office if you have any questions.

NOTICE:  9/13 ZBA Meeting Cancelled

Please take notice that the regularly scheduled meeting of the Zoning Board of Appeals has been cancelled for Tuesday, September 13. No new applications have been received for review.

The next meeting of the ZBA will be held on Tuesday, October 11, at 7pm, at Village Hall, in the first floor meeting room.

Public Meetings & Videoconferencing // 9/13 ZBA Meeting Cancelled