At the December 20, 2023 Board of Trustees meeting, the Board thanked the volunteer boards and listed their members. The going list is here, but please email any corrections or additions to, because so many people dedicate their time to the operations of the Village, and their names should be known. Thank you very much

Affordable Housing Board

Chair Terry Dolan

John Giralico

Deacon Bill Mennenga

Adele Ruger

Deputy Clerk

Vacant one member

VB Liaison // Michele Zipp


Bicycle Pedestrian 

Advisory Committee

Chair Dan Lipson

Judy Mage

Stephen O’Shea

Richard Feuer

Town Member Mark Eis

Town Member Janelle Peotter

Town Member Michael Reade

Vacant one V, one T member


Board of Ethics

Chair Dennis Young

Eugene Heath

Kaitlin Gallucci

Cody Schatzle

Municipal employee Autumn Seguin


Climate Smart Task Force

Coordinator: Dr. Yvonne Posey

Task Force Members:

Joe Londa

Mark Varian

Jim O’Dowd

Orelle Feher

Janelle Peotter

Dylan Moscoso

Izzy Defino

Members at Large:

Liz Elkin

Lynne Cherry

Megan Wolff

VB Liaison Alex Wojcik

Environmental Policy Board

Chair Ted Nitza

Rachel Lagodka

Jessica McGovern

Greg Van Pukeston

Vacant one member

VB Liaison Alex Wojcik


Design Review Board &

Historic Preservation Commission

Chair Tom Olsen

Stephen Cook

Kamilla Nagy

Michael Zierler

Shane Reidy

George Sifre, alternate

Secretary Valerie McAllister

Vacant one alternate

VB Liaison William Wheeler-Murray


Landlord Tenant Relations Council

Eli Godwin

Anthony Saracino

Teresa Thompson

Christina Florakis

Duncan Dempsey

Vacant one T, one L members

Vacant one T, one L alternates

VB Liaison Alex Wojcik


Planning Board

Chair Zach Bialecki

Rich Souto

Rachel Lagodka

Terry Dolan

Amy Cohen 

Ellen Rocco, Alternate

Vikki Beach, Alt – Appt’d 12/20/23

VB Liaison William Wheeler-Murray



Bob Fagan

Joe Davis 

Anton Stewart

Jason Warren

VB Liaison // Michele Zipp


Shade Tree Commission

Chair (interim) Neil Bettez

Ryan McClintock

Mark Eisenhandler

Christine Marmo

Shelly Ottens

Deputy Clerk

Deputy Clerk

VB Liaison // Michele Zipp


Zoning Board of Appeals

Anthony Saracino


Cody Claussen

Sean O’Sullivan

Noa Simons

Vacant one member, two alternates

VB Liaison Mayor Tim Roger


Fire Department 

Chief Cory Wirthmann

1st Assistant Pat Koch

2nd Assistant Chief Michael Cafaldo Jr.,

Captain Alex Salanitri

1st Lieutenant John Pastor

2nd Lieutenant Steve Greenfield

William Buboltz

Dennis Doniel 

Benjamin Drillings 

Griffin Goldleaf 

Sean Herburger 

John Kelly Iii 

John Kelly

Kevin Maguire 

John Mathiasen 

Mageel Mubarez 

William Murray

Derek Olinsky

Hunter Raffa

Richard Raffa 

Ralph Scandariato 

Zackery Thornton 

Debra Romanelli 

Eric Watson 

Liam Woods 

Anthony Yenzer

Thank you, Volunteers!