The New Paltz Transportation Implementation Committee (TIC) was formed pursuant to the adoption of the New Paltz Transportation & Land Use Project recommendations adopted by the boards of the Town and Village of New Paltz in December 2006.

The TIC is responsible for facilitating executive action by the leadership of the Town and Village to implement the project recommendations by monitoring progress and advocating actions to implement .

Meetings are held on the 4th Tuesday of the month in September, October, November, January/February, March, April and May and at such other times as required.


  • Gail K. Gallerie, Chair 
  • Tom Rocco, Village Board Liaison
  • Allen Bowdery
  • Harry Ellis
  • Neil Bettez, Supervisor and Town Council member
  • Sally Rhoads
  • Mark Sherman
  • Tom Weiner, NYS Department of Transportation, Regional Planning and Program Manager
  • William Amoyawaw, SUNY New Paltz Student Association Representative