The Village of New Paltz operates under a model in which its residents are empowered to manage many important operations and advise the Mayor and Village Board on others. Volunteers are needed!

  • The Affordable Housing Board is establishing a method to ensure that our neighbors and children can afford to live in our Village.
  • The Shade Tree Commission and Historic Preservation Commission work to ensure that our children will have a Village that they will want to inherit.
  • Village residents on the Planning Board review proposed construction and development, advised by the Environmental Policy Board and supported by the Zoning Board of Appeals.
  • The Ethics Board and Landlord Tenant Relations Board are ramping up and need more community involvement.

These bodies meet once or twice per month at most. Serving to make our society work is a way to truly express your patriotism and address issues of interest. No special background or training is required for these citizen-led commissions and boards, with mentors sitting to your left and your right.
To get involved, please contact the Clerk’s office via:, 845-255-0130