Here is a summary of our interventions to date:

  • Added signage about social distancing compliance in the form of lawn signs along and adjacent to our trails and open spaces, as well as flyers distributed to and posted at local businesses
  • Added police foot and bike patrols with officers handing out free face masks and monitoring compliance on days with increased outdoor activity
  • Elected officials as well as members of the police and fire departments and the rescue squad distributing free face masks and monitoring compliance at supermarkets and apartment complexes
  • The mayor and deputy mayor handed out free face masks and monitoring compliance at trail-heads and on Main Street on days with increased outdoor activity
  • Launched a coordinated campaign with campus “We, not me,” which you can find more information about here:
  • “We, not me” signage is available for pick up at Jar’d in the Water Street Market (if you cannot make it there when they are open, please email us and we will deliver you some)
    • Wed 4pm to 8pm
    • Fri 3pm to 8pm
    • Sat & Sun 12:30pm to 8pm
  • “Party patrols” have been making the rounds on late nights to monitor social distancing in the village to intervene and ensure compliance
  • Trustee William Murray and our police have also brought free masks to home-bound households that have requested delivery. These free, washable, reusable masks can also be picked up at these locations/times:
    • Family of New Paltz 10am to 5pm Mon thru Fri (51 N Chestnut St)
    • New Paltz Police Station at any time (83 South Putt Corners Road)
    • Food Not Bombs, across from Wells Fargo (29 Main), Weds 5:30pm-6:00pm
  • You can see more details about our interventions to address these issues on our website here:
Covid Response and Intervention Summary