Second Tuesday of every month at 5:30 pm in the Firehouse meeting room at Village Hall. To watch live stream meetings, visit the Village Youtube Channel.

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Functions & Responsibilities

  • Advise and advocate
    • Guide the Village Board and Planning Board on environmental issues and advocate for the rights of nature
  • Research and propose policies
    • Prevent, minimize, remediate or mitigate, continuing or future harm to the environment
    • Propose measures to remediate undo past harm to the environment
  • Educate
    • Inform Village residents about the causes and prevention of environmental problems; what can be done individually and collectively to reverse environmental damage.
  • Preserve green spaces
    • Maintain an open space inventory and open space maps
  • Community coordination
    • Collaborate with environmentally-based groups, clubs, government agencies to achieve positive environmental outcomes

Current Members

Ted Nitza
Term Expires June 2023
Ally Bell
Term Expires June 2022
Fiona Bohan
Term Expires June 2023
Riley Corzine
Term Expires June 2022
Rachel Lagodka
Term Expires June 2023
Anabel Evans
Term Expires December 2020
Johnathan Kolb
Term Expires June 2023
Wendy Toman
New Paltz Paint Swap Coordinator
Lexi Friedman
Term Expires June 2023
Alexandria Wojcik
Village Board Liaison
Liaison through June 2021


Meeting Minutes & Reports


New Paltz Paint Swap

The New Paltz Paint Swap is up and running on the 2nd floor of Village Hall.
All are invited to pick up paint & supplies at no charge, anytime!
Donation are accepted on the 2nd Tuesday of every month from 4-6 PM only.
Please wear a mask and limit pickup to one person.