The Village of New Paltz Treasurer serves as the Fiscal Officer for the village. The Treasurer is responsible for preparing the budget, managing collections, parking tickets, bonding, coordinating the water and sewer billings and payroll. The Treasurer is also the Tax Collector for Village Taxes. The Treasurer works closely with the Village of New Paltz Board of Trustees, Finance Committee and two full-time accounting staff members. The Village Treasurer is also the supervisor for the Parking Department for the Village of New Paltz.

The Treasurer strives to meet the needs of the community quickly, efficiently and always with courtesy. If you have any questions relating to financial issues in the Village of New Paltz, taxes or water and sewer, please contact the Treasurer.

Office of the Village Treasurer

Nancy Branco, Village Treasurer
25 Plattekill Avenue
New Paltz, NY 12561
Telephone: 845.255.0130
Fax: 845.255.4305
E-Mail the Treasurer:

Roseann James, Deputy Village Treasurer
Telephone: 845.255.0130
E-Mail the Deputy Treasurer:

For information relating to specific properties, including deeds, county taxes and STAR exemptions, please contact the Town Clerk at 845.255.0100 x.1 or via E-mail:

For questions relating to court and any tickets that are not parking tickets (i.e. moving violations, seat-belt, cell phone, etc.), please contact the Court Clerk at 845.255.0041 or 845.255.0043.

For questions regarding your property assessment, please contact the Town of New Paltz Assessor at 845.255.0103.

 Village Budget 2023-2024

A public hearing on the tentative Village Budget for the 2023-2024 fiscal year opened on March 22, 2023. Click here to see the approved 2023-2024 Adopted Budget.

Water and Sewer Billing

The water and sewer billing for the Village of New Paltz is done quarterly and mailed in early March, early June, early September and early December. Any bills that are unpaid over 30 days will be assessed a late penalty and are subject to shut-off.

If you do not receive your bill, please call to confirm your address. The Village of New Paltz Board of Trustees rarely waives late penalties on water and sewer bills.

Village Taxes

Taxes are mailed June 1 of each year. If you have questions regarding the taxes on a property located in the Village of New Paltz, please contact the Treasurer.