Call the Building Department at 845-255-0130 to inquire about registered rentals

The rental registration process begins with the submission of an application; the proposed rental property must also pass inspection within 30 days to be considered registered.  For more details, review the relevant code: 129-8(A) and 129-11.

This listing of registered residential rental properties in the Village of New Paltz is updated on first of each month, and includes rentals that were scheduled to be inspected one year prior to the publishing date. This list is updated and published on a monthly basis at the beginning of each month.

When reviewing this list, please note:

  • Under “Status,” a property is listed as passed, failed, or open.
    • When a rental property fails an inspection, its status remains failed or open until it passes a subsequent inspection.
  • Some recent registrations may still be in-process.
  • A property’s registration status may have changed after this list was published.

Registered Rental Properties Lists: