The Village of New Paltz is taking part in a New York State-supported partnership-program to help our residents and small businesses save money on electricity bills. The partnership is called Hudson Valley Community Power and the program is called Community Choice Aggregation (CCA). 

 Hudson Valley Community Power is comprised of communities in New York’s Hudson Valley and formed with Joule Community Power as Administrator and Hudson Valley Energy. 

 CCA is enabled by a 2016 New York State regulation for the important goals of promoting clean electricity generation in New York State and protecting utility consumers.  Through this program, participating communities are able to negotiate for and secure more favorable energy supply rates and select renewable generation sources for their residents and small businesses. 

As a resident or small business-owner, your municipality has chosen to provide you with the option to receive 100% renewably generated NYS electricity supply at a favorable cost ($0.0636) compared to the previous default supply. You may also select the standard fixed rate ($0.0608), which is mostly generated by non-renewable sources (gas, oil, and nuclear).

If you already have a contract with a third-party electricity supplier (ESCO), you will not have received a letter. If you would like to learn more about how to join the program, contact us at (845) 859-9099. 

 CCA Enrollment Changes

If you are interested in enrolling in the CCA program, changing your energy supply option, or opting out of the program please visit our website and fill out the form at https://www.hudsonvalleycommunitypower.com/change-form or call (845) 859-9099 Ext 0.

 The Hudson Valley Community Power communities went through a process to carefully select an electricity supplier that met their requirements. The communities and the selected supplier entered into a contract with the administrator Joule Assets. This three-party contract is beneficial to the residents and small business owners in these communities because they are not individually named in the contract. This means residents and small business owners are able to access the benefits of the program or not, if they choose.