Water advisory update #4:

Residents are still advised to not use the tap water for drinking, cooking, or making ice. Bathing, showering, washing your dishes or clothes is OK according to county officials.

We already have a 6000 gallon tanker at village hall, it is self serve so people need to bring containers. UPDATE: There are now water bottles for pick up at village hall, 5 bottles are available per person. Water will be available till 9pm.

We are also working on deploying water tankers and water bottle locations throughout the village and we will announce those as they become available. There is already a tanker at, and palettes of water bottles are on their way to SUNY NP.

State and county officials have been taking samples of water in numerous locations, including at our water treatment plant. The state is helping expedite the testing and we hope to have results within 24 hours.

Please continue to check our website and Facebook for updates

2/10/2020 Water Advisory Update #4